Thank you so much for applying to be a Sarah Rachel Boudoir Brand Ambassador!!

I’m looking for a few ladies to form team who are dedicated, body positive, woman empowerment loving badass boss babes ❤️

Here’s what you need to know:

I am looking for women who want to receive a Boudoir experience and earn referrals all whilst uplifting and empowering others! If this sounds like you, read on for the full details and application.

You will receive; 

*FREE boudoir experience (optional and highly recommended upgrade for hair and makeup £75)

*For each booked referral you earn, you will receive £100 cash OR product credit for your session!!!

*Access to exclusive fun events and sessions during this 6 month period!!!!

*Must be 18+ and sign a full model release!

If this sounds like your kind of thing, please read on and complete the form below.



The Brand Ambassador program is to run for a six month period and during that time you will be required to refer Sarah Rachel Boudoir to all ladies that you know/meet. All ladies that book a session will earn you £100 in cash OR credit for luxury products. Its a no brainer – refer your female friends for a session – earn free cash OR luxury products!


You MUST post at least 5 a week in the VIP group (there will be a designated day for each BA).

Keep engagement up within the group by commenting along with posts. 

Encourage women who are unsure of booking a session and are slightly nervous.


*A boudoir photoshoot during the 6 month period

*Spa day/Wine night

*The opportunity to make cash for referrals

*Group shoot including digital images


Once accepted we will book you in for your luxury boudoir experience.

Slay you empowering session as the goddess that you are!

Approx 2 weeks later will be your reveal and ordering appointment. Your inner sexiness will be proven as you select the products you wish to order. *please note that an order must be placed for you to qualify for the program. You will be put on a 12 month payment plan for the total amount and for each referral received £100 will be taken off – making the payment less and/or shorter. 

You will receive your luxury products at the end of the year and when the payment plan is completed.

However, in the meantime you can choose 5 images in which you will receive a watermarked low resolution copy in which you can show off 🙂 






Pricing is dependent on what you would like to purchase from your Reveal and Ordering appointment. You have the options of choosing either the collections of my favorite products (which are set up to SAVE you a tonnnnne of money and let you go home with more images) or if none of those tickle your fancy, then you can build your own collection using a la carte items! All products are hand chosen by me and produced at the highest quality professional labs across the world. These products are made to last through the years and will hold up through generations when taken care of properly. My ladies invest between £450 and £2100 on their experience and luxury products.

View full investment menu here


Once you complete your application,  I will get in contact with the successful applicants. If you are selected, you will then receive an email that you will need to reply to in order to claim your spot. If it is not claimed within 24 hours, I will move on to other applicants. Once claimed, you will receive the invoice to pay your booking fee.  You will also need to choose your date and time.

I am so excited that you’re here! Good luck!

*This fee is non-refundable and will be credited back as a discount on your product order.
You will receive your product order at the end of the 12 months and referral credit will be discounted from the payment plan over the next 12 months.
I understand that by agreeing to these terms, I am agreeing that everything I have entered on this is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am accepted as a Brand Ambassador, I will be required to pay a booking fee of £100, which will be applied as a product credit at my Viewing and Ordering Session. I understand that I will make a purchase and spread the cost over 12 monthly instalments which will vary depending on the referrals earned. I understand that there is an application process to be selected as a boudoir model to represent Sarah Rachel Boudoir and that Sarah reserves the right to select the model she feels best suits her needs for this particular program. I agree, if I am selected, to show up on time and agree to attend a Reveal and Ordering Session once images are ready for viewing. I also understand that as a model, I will be required to sign a model release with Sarah Rachel Boudoir.