Casting Call



Thank you so much for applying for the Casting Call!!
I’m looking for a few ladies with NO modeling experience who would love the opportunity to be a model for a day.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your session will take place at the studio in Leicester
  • No modeling experience preferred/needed!
  • You MUST be 18 years of age or older to participate in this casting call
  • There will be a £50 booking fee due at the time of choosing the date for your session, but this will be double backed to you to go TOWARDS your product purchases! However, if you choose not to purchase any of your gorgeous images, the booking fee is non-refundable, even if no products are purchased.
  • Selected models will be required to sign a full release for Sarah Rachel Boudoir’s unlimited use of images. The images may/will be used for marketing/promotional purposes and/or displayed in both print and digital format at the photographers discretion.


  • Complimentary in studio session (£195 session fee WAIVED!)
  • Professional hair and make up
  • Reveal and Ordering appointment
  • Access to client closet pieces
  • Professional guidance in posing and facial expressions
  • £100 print credit to use towards products (doubled from £50 booking fee)
  • 20% off collection purchases
  • The experience to be a model for the day!

If you are interested, please fill out the application at the end of this page.

**Products and digitals may be purchased separately at your reveal and ordering appointment.

Here are some images shot by Sarah Rachel Boudoir!


sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir
sarah rachel boudoir

A glimpse of the gorgeous products offered and some items in the closet!

There will be samples available to go through at the studio and the client closet is constantly growing!

Pricing and Payment Plans



Pricing is dependent on what you would like to purchase from your Reveal and Ordering appointment. You have the options of choosing either the collections of my favorite products (which are set up to SAVE you a tonnnnne of money and let you go home with more images) or if none of those tickle your fancy, then you can build your own collection using a la carte items! All products are hand chosen by me and produced at the highest quality professional labs across the world. These products are made to last through the years and will hold up through generations when taken care of properly.

Below is the product menu available to you:



Diamond // £2100 (£1680)

30 x 20 Wall Art

12 x 12 Album

20 Digital Files

Mobile App of all images

Emerald // £1100 (£880)

24 x 20 Wall Art OR 8 x 8 Album

Heirloom Glass Print Box with 10 Images

Mobile app of purchased images

Ruby // £600 (£480)

20 x 16 Wall Art OR Little Black Book

5 Loose Prints (up to 10 x 8)


Luxury Albums  

12 x 12 – 20 images – £950

10 x 10 – 15 images – £800

8 x 8 – 10 images – £650

Wall Art – Framed, Metal or Wooden Block

30 x 20 – £650

24 x 20 – £550

20 x 16 – £450

Digital Files

Full Gallery – £2000

20 Images – £1600

10 Images – £1000

Heirloom Glass Print Box

10 foam backed prints in a gorgeous glass box – £750

Loose Prints

Individual Prints (Minimum purchase: 10 images) – £55 each – (up to 10 x 8)


Add ons cannot be purchased alone. They must be added to a collection or on orders over £500

Little Black Book – £500

Single Digitals – £120

Mobile Phone App – £350



-Full payment required before final delivery of products or digital images

How do I pay for my products?

There are a handful of options you have for this! First and quickest being, of course, paying in full at the time of your reveal. However, if you’d like a payment plan then keep on reading!

1. Prepayment Plan

Much like the regular program, but done BEFORE your session! You will pick the collection/products you love and start making payments towards that prior to your shoot, so the only thing you have left to do the day of is to have a fire ass session! This is becoming a client favorite as they love not having to worry about waiting for their products and having the luxury of not needing to put anything down at the reveal unless they want to add more. This is a super easy and flexible plan as you can determine what you’d like to purchase, figure out your deposit to start the payment plan (minimum of £150) and then choose how long you’d like the plan to be (3, 6 or 9 months)! *PRO TIP*: The more you put down for your deposit, the less you have to pay monthly!


Who should consider the Boudie Bank Account?

Anyone who wants to do a boudoir session with me without a large up front cost. It also enables you to get the products that you REALLY want and allows you to enjoy your boudoir session fully without worrying about paying afterwards. You will also get to receive your products within weeks of your session, rather than months! It’s amazing, really!

Are the payments refundable?

Any payments made into your “Boudie Bank” are non-refundable. That’s a good thing though! It gives you the push you need to go through with your session despite any nervousness you may be feeling! I can promise you won’t regret it. 🙂

2. Paypal Credit

This is a great option to get your products right away while having the flexibility of having interest free payments. All you need to do is apply for PayPal Credit and see if you’re approved! PayPal credit offers no interest for 6 months and I will be hand delivering your products as soon as they come in (about 3-4 weeks)! Are you ready to invest in yourself? Click below to start the process, it only takes a minute!

>>>APPLY HERE!!!<<<

3. Payment Plan Program

If you’re not approved for PayPal Credit, do not fret as you can use my own payment plan program! My layaway program is split into 4 brackets:

  • Total Product order of £500 – £799 – Eligible for 3 month plan
  • Total product order of £800 – £1199 – Eligible for 6 or 3 month plan
  • Total product order of £1200 – £1899 – Eligible for 9, 6 or 3 month plan
  • Total product order of £1900 + – Eligible for 12, 9, 6 or 3 month plan

 If you chose this program, I will require a minimum deposit of £150 of your product order total to start your plan. Once the Payment Plan contract has been signed, payments will be set on a recurring schedule through an automatic system which will require 2 credit or debit cards to be on file.

Your quickest options would be to pay in full at the reveal or PayPal credit. Once final payment is made, your products will be hand delivered after 3-4 weeks.



Once you complete your application,  I will get in contact with the successful applicants. If you are selected, you will then receive an email that you will need to reply to in order to claim your spot. If it is not claimed within 24 hours, I will move on to other applicants. Once claimed, you will receive the invoice to pay your booking fee.  You will also need to choose your date and time.

I am so excited that you’re here! Good luck!

*This fee is non-refundable if you cannot make your session or choose not to purchase products. This amount will be credited back as a discount on your product order.
I understand that by agreeing to these terms, I am agreeing that everything I have entered on this is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am accepted as a model, I will be required to pay a booking fee of £50, which will be applied as a product credit at my Viewing and Ordering Session (MAKING MY SESSION FREE!). I understand that I will have the option to purchase products, however if I choose not to purchase any products, the £50 booking fee is non-refundable even if no products are purchased. I understand that there is an application process to be selected as a boudoir model to represent Sarah Rachel Boudoir and that Sarah reserves the right to select the model she feels best suits her needs for this particular model call. I agree, if I am selected, to show up on time and agree to attend a Viewing and Ordering Session once images are ready for viewing. I also understand that as a model, I will be required to sign a model release with Sarah Rachel Boudoir. In the event that the model release needs to be revoked, I will be required to pay the total for a full session (£150).