A boudoir photographer based in Leicester, UK.

I LOVE what I do. Boudoir is more than sexy photos in lingerie.

Boudoir is a love story, with yourself.

Do you want to take control of your story?


It’s liberating. Reaffirm or acquaint yourself with you, your own beauty, spirit and self.

Forget feeling safe in your box! Forget all your excuses! You are just as beautiful now as you will be plus or minus a few pounds. I want to capture all the facets that make you, you! Your passion, your desire, your joy, your vulnerability. I want you to be shameless in who you are!

You, as much as anybody,  deserve your love and attention. Take this time to celebrate you! An intimate photo session celebrates everyBODY!


“I have extreme self- esteem issues, so when I asked Sarah to take nude images of me I was initially hesitant. My thought process when booking the shoot was that it could raise my confidence and self –esteem just slightly, and I’d seen Sarah’s work previously so I thought perhaps she could make me feel a bit beautiful. But after seeing the final images I can say with absolute confidence that Sarah’s photography and the experience itself absolutely exceeded all expectations.”


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