Fun facts about your photographer || Leicestershire Boudoir

Hey, I get it! When your planning on getting nakey in front of someone, it’s only fair that you know a bit about them too, which is why I’ve put together this post containing 5 fun facts about me (the girl with the camera)!

  • If I could live anywhere, it’d be in a camper van travelling the world. One day i’ll make it happen, but for now we’ll just spend the holidays exploring new places. I’ve had the privilege of visiting some amazing places so far including; Italy, Budapest, Cuba, Belgium, Vietnam and New York.
  •  I have started running, like actually running… Im usually a lazy, park right next to the supermarket door type of girl but I’m starting to get into the whole exercise malarky. I have completed the London Landmarks Half Marathon and am still on a high from it!
  • I HATE ANIMALS. There I said it. I hate them. There is just something about all that fur and slobber that creeps me out. There may be some slight allergies too, who knows. Coincidentally, i’m also a vegetarian. People can’t seem to get their heads round that one.
  •  I am a fully trained Beauty Therapist. Straight from school I went to college to study Beauty Therapy and spent over 10 years offering treatments including facials, massage, pedicures and waxing.
  •  I am obsessed with all things woo woo. I have always been a happy go lucky kinds girl and now that I’ve found crystals and tarot I am in my element. I am super excited to take part in a mediumship and psychometry course later this year.

Oh, and one more thing – I’m basically a superhero behind the camera. If  you’re looking for sizzling boudoir photos, I’m your girl.

Now, here’s the thing: I want to hear about YOU. I want to capture the essence of who you are and showcase your unique beauty and personality through my lens. So, are you ready to book a session? Let’s do this!

Hit that contact button and let’s chat about creating some magic together. Can’t wait to hear from you!