Boudoir is for EVERY body

Your butt is not too big, your boobs are not too small – these are common misconceptions, purely the voice of your own self-doubt trying to hold you back and keep you from expressing yourself.

boudoir is for every body

I know what you’re thinking as most of my clients have told me they’ve had exactly the same thoughts! A boudoir shoot with a talented and experienced photographer sounds incredible, and would be a great way to pamper yourself, but you just don’t have the right body for it. Am I right? Is that what is running through your mind? You have way too much cellulite, you butt is huge and could eclipse the moon, your boobs are too small and far too droopy thanks to breast feeding, you don’t have a flat tummy, and as for your stretch marks, well they could rival a London Underground tube map! Nope, a boudoir shoot is not for you, what on earth were you thinking.


Wow, slow down girl and keep reading because I am going to tell you exactly why a luxury boudoir shoot is for you and why I am the perfect photographer to work with.

What does a boudoir shoot involve?

At the heart of every shoot that I do, my aim is to help you to feel empowered, liberated, sexy and at one with your body. Whilst I might not love being in front of the camera myself, I have made it my mission to be the absolute best luxury boudoir photographer that I can be, in fact I would go as far as to say that I am a boudoir artist. I have lots of techniques up my sleeve to put you at ease and help you to enjoy the session and I have lots of poses to help you try, although I love to capture the way you move naturally as well.


Our shoot starts way before the actual session as I am there to advise you on how to pick the right outfits and lingerie for your shoot. We can talk about poses, decide if it will be a studio or location shoot and I’ll advise you on how to prep on the days leading up to the shoot. I want you to have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime.

boudoir is for every body

I don’t have the right body for a boudoir shoot.

EVERY body is the right body for a boudoir shoot. What you see as imperfections or flaws, I see as your natural raw beauty and by the end of the session you will see that too. You body is a unique work of art that has been created through all of your life experiences, let’s show that work of art off.


But my bum is too big, I hear you cry. Nonsense is my reply. I love doing booty shots, there is just something so incredibly sexy about every booty. I’ll help you to find poses to show off your best angles, we can play around with your clothes and with different lighting options. Trust me no bum is too big or too small.


Yes, but what about all my cellulite? What about your cellulite? Did you know that over 80% of women have cellulite! It does not make you any less beautiful or less deserving of a simply gorgeous experience. Don’t worry, we are going to use incredible poses and just the right lighting to make sure that you look fantastic and sexy in every shot.


Okay, but my boobs are small and a little bit saggy and I never really fill out my lingerie in a sexy way. I hear you, but maybe you have just been buying the wrong pieces, or you have been looking at your body all wrong. Either way I will ensure that you feel sexy throughout the shoot and that you reconnect with your body and how truly amazing it is.


I’m paranoid about all of my stretch marks and my mum tum, I’m not sure a shoot is for me. Don’t worry I’m a mum myself and I’ve had those doubts about my own body at times but then I remembered that those stretch marks were just a sign of my body growing and adapting over the years. And as for those tiger stripes – be proud of what they represent, your body did something incredible and bought new life into the world.


I’m really not very confident in front of the camera. That’s ok, part of my job as your luxury boudoir photographer is to set your mind at ease, help you to relax, and get you to have fun from there we will soon find our way to some incredible photos.

boudoir is for every body

Surprising side effects

It may surprise you to know that most women leave my shoots a changed person. You might come in feeling shy, unsure about your body and lacking in self-love but that is not how you will leave. When we finish our shoot, you will be on cloud nine, walking tall and strutting your stuff. I’ve had ladies in the past tell me that a shoot literally revolutionised the relationship they had with themselves and their body. That they went from feeling insecure, shy and embarrassed of the way they looked (or thought they looked), to feeling confident, powerful and in awe of just how incredible their body actually is.

A boudoir photoshoot is empowering – you will leave feeling like a lioness. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let’s plan your ideal shoot together.