Couples Beach Boudoir || Testimonial

There’s something very special about sharing your unique story as a couple. It’s learning to be vulnerable and embrace the deeper connection that you may not always share with the outside world. This is an experience that will provide you with self-love and confidence in your skin, while also giving you an opportunity to take your relationship to the next level by spicing it up with some sexy photos of the two of you!

This LGBTQ Couples Beach Boudoir Photoshoot was a dream to photograph and we had so much fun! Read on to hear what Miss I had to say about their couples beach boudoir session…

couples beach boudoir
“We decided to go with Sarah Rachel Boudoir for a couples photoshoot, and by far it was the best experience! With being a couple’s opportunity to gain badass photos, it also felt a unique way to spice things up and be a feel-good moment to boost confidence! I went into the photoshoot, being nervous, not knowing what to expect, and somewhat feeling insecure within my own skin. I did not want my insecurities to get in the way of the shoot, nor did I feel I knew how to pose beforehand but I left feeling the complete opposite! The encouragement from Sarah herself was amazing. Being made to feel at ease and having the inclusivity as if I was shooting with a friend. This definitely reassured me and made me feel a lot more comfortable.
When I first saw the photographs, I was elated. I absolutely loved seeing them, and we both looked absolutely amazing! The photos looked absolutely beautiful and I felt so empowered as a woman. Most importantly, Sarah’s photography made me feel pretty.
If I was to give advice to anybody wanting to do a shoot but was nervous or hesitant, then all I would say is to go for it! Don’t let any insecurities hold you back, because this could potentially change your whole outlook. I’m such a shy individual and I went for it, and I went for it, not having it any other way. I still feel so empowered and pretty. It gave me confidence, and I hope it does you too!”
couples beach boudoir
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couples beach boudoir


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