Miss B’s Full Review of the Sarah Rachel Boudoir Experience

From the moment that I booked my session I knew that it would be incredible, actually I knew before I even got to the booking stage that it would be a day to remember. You see I follow Sarah on social media, I love her Instagram feed, the pictures from her shoots always look so amazing. Whilst I didn’t think I would come away with the kind of images she was sharing of other women I knew that I would still get something special.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

I’m also in Sarah’s Facebook group which is such a fun and supportive place to be, everyday there is something in there that puts a smile on my face and the other women in the group are constantly supporting each other. There is none of the bickering or whining that you can sometimes get in other female groups and the transformations that get shared are simply my favourite thing of all time. Everyday women, just like you and me, sharing their pictures from before and during their photoshoots – simply amazing! Better still though is seeing the transformation that leads up to that, the growth in self-confidence, the trust that Sarah builds, and the belief she instils in every woman that they are beautiful and deserve to see themselves that way, it really is incredible. If you aren’t yet part of her community then you certainly need to be.

Putting my nerves about my photoshoot to bed.

As soon as I decided that I was going to go for it and I submitted my form I was nervous, I was excited but I was also nervous – what on earth had I just committed to and could I really go through with it? That little mind monkey was already getting up to his usual tricks and telling me that I just wasn’t good enough and that I should pull out. It was as though Sarah had read my mind though, and over the course of the next few weeks I received so much support from her that I knew, and I mean KNEW, that it would be a great experience.

The communication from Sarah was brilliant, she walked me through every step of the photoshoot, we spoke on the phone to discuss the format of the day and what I could expect and we talked about what could work well in terms of clothes and lingerie that I could bring along. She was always patient and answered any questions that I had.

On the run up to my boudoir photoshoot Sarah also sent me some emails that went into even more detail on the whole process, it was like she was there holding my hand every step of the way. Every time a doubt crept into my mind an email would ping into my inbox; it was as though Sarah was reading my mind. She knew what it was that I needed more information on and she knew exactly when to provide it so that I felt supported but not overwhelmed. I guess that is the beauty of working with an experienced luxury boudoir photographer like Sarah, because she has done it so many times, she knows exactly how you might be feeling and what can help.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

On the day.

Sarah will advise you to get plenty of sleep, lay off the alcohol and carbs, and drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your shoot, that’s so that you can be feeling your best and head into the photoshoot with confidence. I did the complete opposite! I was away for the weekend right before my shoot with my closest friends and we were celebrating multiple birthdays, needless to say all of the advice was forgotten. Thankfully I still got up feeling excited and ready to really put my trust in Sarah and the process.

Once I had arrived and got settled, we chatted more about what would be happening but then just sat chatting about all sorts of things, the way that only women can, whilst Jemma worked miracles with my hair and makeup. I wanted to look glamorous, but not over the top and Jemma did a perfect job, we even managed to accidentally match my lip colour to my nails which worked out perfectly for the shoot.

Once Jemma had gone, all that was left was for me to do was to get changed and for the shoot to really begin. Sarah took me into the studio and talked me through how everything would work whilst we were in there, and then she gave me a few minutes alone to just collect my thoughts.

After that it was a complete whirlwind. We worked through lots of different poses and positions, with Sarah demonstrating them as we went along so it was easier for me to understand where to place that random arm or pesky leg that just felt out of place to me. There were lots of giggles plus a few moments of cramp – modelling is hard work!

Any inhibitions I had felt soon melted away and I felt completely safe and relaxed as Sarah worked away behind the camera being sure to capture me in the best way possible.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

The time flew by and before I knew it, I was dressed again and heading out for lunch so that Sarah could get my images ready for me to view.

The image reveal.

I have to admit that I went into the reveal wondering how on earth I would find enough photos that I liked to fill the album I had picked. I had set up a pre-paid plan for my finished products, that way I could spread the cost and I knew what I was going to be getting, although there was still an upgrade option on the day, and I would recommend that everyone do that.

There must have been over 80 images and we needed to get them down to around 25, this was the bit that I thought would be easy. I thought I would struggle to find enough photos that I liked but it was completely the opposite problem – I loved them all.

The hair, the makeup, the lighting, the posing, Sarah’s incredible eye behind the camera, it had all come together to create something amazing. I was in love, and it was with pictures of me. I’m not at my fittest or my slimmest, I could have eaten less and drank more water and I don’t think my skin had seen moisturiser for months and yet the results were still amazing.

My advice to you.

Book your shoot, don’t let your fears hold you back. Don’t allow your thoughts of ‘not being enough’ to stop you from having an incredible experience and walking away feeling empowered, sexy, alive and ready for any challenge. Trust me you will not regret a moment of your day or the beautiful photos that you will be left with.