An empowering experience and a fabulous friendship


Empowering Boudoir Photographer – Leicester

It’s so easy as a photographer to hide behind the camera – something I’ve done for many years. Last year I made a conscious decision to exist in more photos, volunteering myself to be in front of the camera as much as possible; including my own boudoir shoot! 

A few months ago I met Nicole online (not in a creepy way ;)) in a Facebook photography group specifically for boudoir photographers and we hit it off instantly and a fabulous friendship has blossomed!! There aren’t many of us awesome boudoir photographers around that are willing to help each other grow and share tips and tricks with, and when Nicole suggested a trade of  boudoir experiences so we each could have first hand experience of what its actually like to get naked and be photographed in front of a stranger, I jumped at the chance. We set up the date and time and Nicole traveled down ( I hope thats right?) from Yorkshire to my in-home studio in Leicester, where we finally got to meet in person.

What can I say…. IT IS LIBERATING!! Yeah, it my have been nerve wracking in the lead up but the confidence and empowerment was life changing. Of course I know I always talk about how it is a great self esteem boost and an empowering experience but until you experience it first hand, it can be hard to imagine! I urge you all to take the leap of faith and invest in your own self worth.

Images by Nicole Vogwill

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