How to pose for your boudoir photoshoot

If you’re feeling nervous about your upcoming boudoir photoshoot, don’t worry – you are not alone! It is 100% natural, and for most, it is completely outside of their comfort zone.  Many of my clients come to me with similar questions and concerns, such as “What are some good boudoir poses for my body shape?” or “Where can I learn poses before my photoshoot?” But the truth is, you don’t have to know how to pose at all!

poses for boudoir

As a boudoir photographer, it’s my job to guide you through the process and help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I understand that the thought of being in front of the camera, especially in very little clothing can be daunting, but I promise you, it doesn’t have to be.

First of all, you don’t need to practice in front of a mirror. I do recommend stretching A LOT as the shoot can physically be quite a work out *whew* … But you don’t have to have any posing or modeling experience.  You certainly don’t have to be photogenic or “good in front of the camera.” Leave all of that to me! As a professional photographer, I have the artistic talent and years of experience necessary to make sure we capture tonnes of beautiful photos of you.

poses for boudoir

During the photoshoot, I’ll be there to show you exactly what to do and how to pose. I demonstrate every single pose for my clients first so you get to watch me first and its pretty hilarious. When it’s your turn, I’ll tell you what to do with your hands and feet, coach you on facial expressions, and show you exactly where to stand and sit. This is where the magic happens! Together, we’ll create beautiful images that showcase YOUR natural beauty and make you feel confident and empowered.

poses for boudoir

One of the most common things my clients tell me is how much more comfortable they felt after we actually got a chance to talk. I always chat on the phone with all my ladies before booking, it’s totally easy and gives you a chance to ask any burning questions you may have. You’ll be super excited to get get the ball rolling on having your own experience with me.  

Communication is key, and I’ll make sure we have another chance to chat before the shoot so that we can personalise your dream boudoir experience. So, if you’re feeling nervous about your upcoming boudoir photoshoot, don’t worry. You don’t have to know how to pose or have any previous experience. Leave that part to me, and together, we’ll create something special that you’ll be proud to share with the world. I can’t wait to hear from you and start planning your shoot!