Leicester Maternity Boudoir || Miss T’s Experience

Being pregnant isn’t always the best feeling. You ache everywhere. You feel large and in charge. Heartburn like crazy. You get to a point where you can’t touch your toes. Skin stretches, and change is inevitable. Don’t even get me started on the mental struggle during pregnancy. The rush of hormones make for sleepless nights of feeling restless and sometimes crazy!!

It’s all worth it. Our bodies are amazing!!

Seriously, could this mum-to-be look any more gorgeous?

Maternity sessions are one of my favorites!!

Pregnant women have a unique beauty about them and

I love being able to capture this wonder of motherhood for them to remember forever.

Read on for what Miss T had to say about her session…


Why did you choose Sarah Rachel Boudoir?

Recommended by my sister in law for the maternity boudoir shoot.

What were you nervous about going into the session? 

Being photographed in underwear while heavily pregnant and feeling like a whale!

What was your favourite part of the experience?  

It was really relaxed and enjoyable and gave me a chance to feel sexy even while I was heavily pregnant.

What were your thoughts when you saw your images for the first time? 

The images were amazing, I was surprised how good the photos looked with me feeling so big at the time! 

How do you feel now you have completed the session? 

I am grateful for the experience and having the opportunity to have such special memories to keep! 

Any advice for other ladies who have booked and are nervous or who are hesitant to book?

Just do it, there’s nothing to be nervous about Sarah takes all pressure off and gives you the confidence to enjoy yourself. 

Would you recommend Sarah Rachel Boudoir to others? 




Girl. Let’s chat!! I’d love to get you on the books for 2020. You really do deserve it. And I promise, my team is the BEST!