Leicestershire Outdoor Boudoir

Shelly and I had a blast during her Leicestershire outdoor boudoir session recently. I have a soft spot for outdoor boudoir photography, it’s different, unique, and using the elements of outdoors is always something I strive for, probably because my heart will always be meant for the water. 

We woke with the birds for this gorgeous steamy sunrise shoot. The day was perfect and quite a change from the rainy days we’ve been having lately. It must have been fate! 

At 6:30 the area by the stream was pretty quiet which was perfect for baring all, although we did keep a very watchful eye out for passing dog walkers.

Shelly was an absolute trooper! She got naked, braved the cold and even fully submerged herself into the stream which resulted in the most amazing outdoor boudoir photos everrr!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this session, and if you would like to book your own outdoor boudoir shoot you know what to do! Get in contact with me to set one up.

Be True. Be Beautiful. Be You.

Sarah xoxo