Loving the skin you’re in

Each and every one of us are blessed with the fact that we are unique. We look different, we sound different, we experience things differently and we think differently. What one person loves, another may hate and vice versa. These differences help to make us all interesting and help to make the world an exciting place. I’ve always thought that if everyone was the same, then life would be pretty dull and boring.

I also get that you may see your own differences too. Too this, or too that, or maybe not enough of something, we have all felt that way at some point. But let me reassure you, my role as your luxury boudoir photographer is to put you at ease, focus on the areas that you do love, and guide you into positions that will have you seeing what a sex kitten you truly are.

loving the skin you're in

You may be reading this thinking okay Sarah; this is all easy for you to say but I have an issue that isn’t so easy to disguise or come to love. I hear you girl, but I’ve got you, you are in safe hands. Perhaps you have a condition that effects the look or feel of your skin and perhaps you have struggled with loving those parts of yourself. Maybe you have even suffered from bullying in the past as a result of looking different. I understand that this can hold you back and make you want to hide away but honestly, I encourage you to step forward and to show yourself some love. My studios a safe environment where we can celebrate your uniqueness.

How does it all work?

My boudoir photography shoots are like attending a pamper session or a fun girls night in. As soon as you take the plunge and contact me to make your booking we will start to plan your perfect day. From hair and makeup, to what clothes to wear, right through to the poses you will do. We will plan it all together. Best of all, on the actual day of your shoot I’ll take over and do all of the directing, you will have your hair and makeup professionally done and then we will get down to work.

loving the skin you're in

How does this help if you have a condition that effects the way your skin looks? Well, first of all did you notice I said you will have your hair and makeup professionally done? Yep, you read that right and it is included in your boudoir shoot for no extra cost. That means that if you have a condition that is effecting your face and you would rather that we minimise it, then we can use the full experience of my professional makeup artist, Jemma Swinfield to do exactly that. If you’re concerned at all that her makeup won’t be suitable on your skin due to adverse reactions or sensitivities, then you are welcome to bring your own along and Jemma will still apply it for you. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible and if the right makeup is key to that then let’s get it done.

My body doesn’t look like yours…

Still not convinced? Maybe you have a condition that extends beyond your face, perhaps your arms, legs or torso are affected, and you would rather not have those areas on full show, that’s ok. We can either choose outfits that help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera or we can utilise effects, poses, and editing skills that I would normally use in my anonymous boudoir photos. I have to say that gorgeous silhouette photos really get my blood pumping with excitement. Is there anything more sexy than a gorgeous woman silhouetted against a window or up against a wall…

empowering boudoir photography

Show your true self

You may be booking your luxury boudoir photo shoot just for you and no one else, maybe you already know that your photos will remain private and for your eyes only and that is ok. If that is the case, or even if you will be sharing your pictures with a loved one or even on social media, then why not trust that you are incredible, that your body is beautiful, and we can get a few shots where you forget about those negative thoughts that are holding you back. You may be surprised and find that they are your favourite photos of the day.

From psoriasis to rosacea to vitiligo to moles to birthmarks, you really can put your trust in me. My desire is that every woman leaves her boudoir shoot feeling energised, empowered and ready to conquer the world. You might start the day feeling nervous or be adamant that certain outfits or poses are not an option but once we get started, I guarantee that you will relax, and we will be able to try some of those things you were nervous about. I would love to chat you through the options and put your mind at ease so why not book in for your consultation and we can get started.