Miss O’s Boudoir Experience || Luxury Boudoir Leicester

Sarah of Sarah Rachel Boudoir is a body positive empowering photographer. Specialising in reminding every woman she is beautiful. Read below as Miss O shares about her own boudoir experience!

I chose Sarah Rachel Boudoir because I hadn’t been feeling myself for a long while, my confidence in myself was getting worse everyday and seeing women being so empowered gave me hope that you could do the same for me.  When the bridal model call came it was perfect as saving for a wedding has meant things have been tight of recent months.
I was quite nervous that I wouldn’t be right for a boudoir session, that I’d feel uncomfortable and awkward but I didnt at all, my nerves had disappeared almost right away.
As much as I loved the session itself my favourite part was my reveal session, I was completely shocked at what I saw and struggled to belive it was actually me!  I couldn’t deny that my pictures were incredible and I felt reassured that how I had been feeling was unnecessary and that just because I’m not in my early 20s anymore didnt make me any less beautiful.
Now my sessions over I can hardly wait for my photographs to arrive and to display them proudly in my bedroom!  The worst part of my experience is now that it’s over this is something I’d do again and again.
Anybody who has ever looked in the mirror and felt that they weren’t quite good enough, didnt feel confident in pictures without a snapchat filter, then this is one of the best things you could do and Sarah makes you feel so comfortable, relaxed and beautiful!

Inspired by Miss O’s words? Want to give yourself the ultimate self love experience? Get in touch to see how this experience can change your life <3