Nudity during a session || Empowering boudoir photography

Nudity! It’s how you came into this world. It’s your natural form. It’s how you take a shower or a bath. It’s your body underneath all your clothes. And it is most definitely an “outfit” option for a session. I get it, it can be an absolutely terrifying thought! But let me ease your mind a bit if it’s something you might be interested in. Over 80% of my ladies end up getting nakey for the last part of the session and it truly is a liberating experience. Read on for how to have an empowering boudoir session with nudity.

I WILL: make you as comfortable as possible. This is always your last outfit so you have three or four others (depending on if you purchased session upgrades) to ease you into it. You have more time to get to know me before you strip down completely and at that point, we will have laughed, joked, and fawned all over you. **Also, to be clear, by nude I don’t mean wearing a sheer dress or top, or just fishnets… I mean just you. In all your naked glory because you are glorious!

I WON’T: force you to do it. Your body is your own 100% and you get to decide what you do with it, including how it is clothed during your session (and all the time, let’s be real). Consent is mandatory always!! It is an option when you fill out your session questionnaire and I always verify with you the day of if you checked the box to make sure it is something you are still interested in. If you did not check the box and at any point during your session you feel like you would like to try it, I’ll walk you through what will happen and will take a couple of images at the end if you are still on board. 

I WILL: walk and talk you through various options and poses to make sure you are comfortable (well, as comfortable as possible). 

I WON’T: photograph your downstairs bits. By this I mean your butt hole and your va to the gin to the a. Even if you ask, it won’t happen. Erotica can be extremely beautiful but that is not something my studio provides. 

I WILL: capture the natural curves of your body and will place you in positions to showcase them without  showing the bits. Not gonna lie, there are some poses where you will feel you are super exposed, have no fear that is not something visible in the camera and not something I am focused on. I am focused on displaying your body in a tasteful and artistic way while treating you with utmost respect and professionalism. 

Hopefully I’ve have hit all the main points but if I missed anything, or you have additional questions, ask us in the comments! I’m here to support you and make you feel seen and heard and would never want you walking into a session feeling unsure of what to expect. 

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