Outdoor Boudoir || Miss R’s Experience

This year I had big plans of a body positive group photoshoot to take place in the sunflower field…. But unfortunately covid had other ideas and it had to go on the back-burner. But solo shoots did not, so I decided to run a model call to at least photograph one women amongst the gorgeous sunflowers. Anupa held her hand up and agreed to roll with my crazy ideas. Here she tells us of her experience…

sunflower field boudoir photography Leicester

Model shoot anyone?! Sarah opened up a model call and with all of the work I am doing around positive body image, I couldn’t say no! I knew if I was talking the talk, I needed to walk the walk. 

As soon as I said yes my mind was racing with questions, what will I wear? will my body look okay? will I look awkward? will there be people looking? (as not only did I decide to say yes to a shoot, I said yes to a shoot that would take place in a sunflower field…eek!) 

The shoot, as it turns out, was so relaxed and fun. Sarah put me at ease from start to finish! We did get a few looks but I just got lost in the moment. I felt so liberated being almost naked, with the sun on my skin, in the middle of a field!

When the photos were revealed I could hardly believe it was me! If I didn’t see myself as sexy before, I certainly did when I saw the images. The shoot has made me feel good about myself and having the photos to look back on will be so wonderful as I age and my body changes.

I would recommend Sarah wholeheartedly. Not only is she friendly, down to earth and able to make you feel completely relaxed, she is also a true professional.

We are all beautiful, we are all worthy, we are all enough. So if you are hesitant, don’t be! Be brave, be real, be you! 


There are tonnes of options to make the whole experience unique to you? Let’s chat!! I’d love to get you on the books for 2021. You really do deserve it. And I promise, my team is the BEST!