Product Spotlight: Heirloom Glass Print Box

Ok, so you finished step one, (aka contacting me to get the experience of a lifetime booked in) and you’ve read through everything BUT you’re still not sure what product or collection you think you’ll want to preserve your images from your amazing boudoir experience. Well, don’t fret sexy lady, I’m here to help!

This is my second post in the Product in the Spotlight Series. This series will help give you an idea of what you want before we even do your session! How awesome would it be to know exactly what shot you want to put on your wall? That’s something we can brainstorm if we already know how you’re preserving your images. You can also earn bonus products by selecting your collection for a Pre-Payment plan (complete step one if you want to get the info!)

product spotlight heirloom glass print box

So, without further ado, the second 

Product in the Spotlight is the Heirloom Glass Print Box.

WHAT IT IS: A handcrafted heirloom glass box that encases 2mm thick boutique prints of 15 of your favourite images. Choose from black, rose gold, and silver detailing. The heirloom glass print box will not only protect your images, but display them gorgeously in your home with the nostalgia of your grandmother’s antiquities.

product spotlight heirloom glass print box

HOW TO GET IT: The Heirloom Glass Print Box is available in the A La Carte menu but is also the star of Collection I, which comes with a mini metal desk print. Whether via A La Carte or in the Petite collection, this gorgeous piece pairs perfectly with my Mobile Album App.

(Contact me here if you want to know more about pricing)

WHY I LOVE IT: What I love about the Heirloom Glass Print Box is it’s not JUST a box of beautiful prints, it’s a piece that will contribute to the decor of your home in a timeless fashion. You’ll never find yourself thinking “I wish I had gotten something less trendy.” All of the prints are mounted on super thick and durable paper, so your images will withstand being handled for years to come. No need to feel apprehensive about looking through your images on a day you need that confidence boost. Another cool thing is your images are placed in your box in no particular order, kind of like a deck of cards, which means selecting your images is simply just picking the ones that are your absolute favourites. 

product spotlight heirloom glass print box

What do YOU think? Is an Heirloom Glass Print Box a must-have? Do you have any questions? Contact Me