Product Spotlight: Luxury Albums

Your boudoir session is truly a powerful and transformative experience that will produce stunning art that you will want to cherish for years to come. This means that you will want to find the perfect products for what your priorities are and how you envision preserving your images. Are you wanting to display an anonymous shot in your bathroom or maybe a power pose over your bed? Do you prefer loose prints to display or maybe the opportunity to tell a story in an album?

To help you answer these questions, I’ve decided to dedicate a series of blog posts to specific products so you can learn more about them and why I love them so much that I decided to curate them into the products I offer. I frequently get asked questions about the difference between products, what might be the best fit for what you’re looking for and simply what some of the products are.

product spotlight luxury boudoir album

This series with give you an idea of what products you want before we even do our session! An awesome perk to this is we can take that into account while we’re shooting your session, so we got the perfect shots for your artwork. It also helps if you take advantage of my Pre-Session Payment options. 


WHAT IS IT: This is by far my favourite product! It’s a collection of your images curated into a lay flat book style album, with thick pages, durable cover materials and thoughtfully designed layouts. Various material options in leatherette, luscious velvets and glitters. The luminous Diamond Cover upgrade makes your album a showstopper fit for a Queen!

product spotlight luxury boudoir albums

HOW TO GET IT: The Luxury Albums are available in 3 sizes in the A La Carte or in the top four Collections. My 8×8” contains 20 images, 10×10″ contains 30/40, and 12×12″ contains 50. (Contact me here if you want to know more about pricing)

WHY I LOVE IT: Ok, so I could talk about this all day. I loveeeeeee albums. Designing an album together with my clients is one of my favourite parts of the whole experience!

Choosing an album to preserve your images is the PERFECT way to make your session more than a simple photoshoot or collage of random cute images; it’s an opportunity to tell YOUR sexy story. Putting your images together in a book forces us to put images in a particular order (unlike the folio boxes) and in intentional layouts. Because of that, the viewer is immersed into all the sensual details of your session. While using album design software together at the studio at your Image Reveal and Ordering Appointment, you may consider images that help tell that story that you otherwise probably wouldn’t include in a collection of loose prints.

product spotlight luxury boudoir albums

I love to imagine not only the reactions of my client’s significant others seeing their amazing album, but also my clients 30 years from now, looking back through their albums in awe of themselves and thankful they chose to preserve that version of themselves for a lifetime. Albums are heirloom quality meant to last a lifetime. 


What do YOU think? Is a Luxury Album a must-have? Do you have any questions? Contact Me