The Gift of a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Any boudoir shoot should be a magical experience, one that leaves you feeling sexy, empowered, and beautiful; but the gift of a bridal boudoir shoot takes that to a whole new level. It is my role, and my absolute pleasure, to give you this magical and transformative experience. I understand how women work, I know what hang-ups you might have, I know why you might be feeling nervous or that your body isn’t good enough for this; I know because I have felt that way myself. So, take comfort in the fact that I am here to guide and support you every step of the way.

The Gift of a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

On the run up to your wedding it is highly likely that you are taking extra special care of yourself. You’re already eating well and drinking plenty of water to combat the chances of bad skin or bloating on the day. It is likely that you have purchased a whole heap of new outfits, not only your wedding dress, but lingerie, shoes, bags, clothes for the honeymoon, maybe even some sexy new numbers to delight your soon to be husband with. You probably have all sorts of pampering sessions booked as well in order to look and feel your best for that special day.

So, why not take advantage of all of that and book in for a Bridal Boudoir Shoot?

Use your imagination…

Take a minute, close your eyes, breathe slowly, and just imagine it. There you are looking and feeling fabulous, allowing all your inhibitions to fall away as I guide you through this experience. Your hair and makeup has been professionally done for you, you are wearing luxurious beautiful lingerie, and you are creating something for that special someone in your life. Something that they will not be able to get anywhere else, something that no one else has seen, something beautiful, intimate and thoughtful.

What to expect at the shoot.

Well, like I’ve said you can expect to leave feeling empowered, sexy, beautiful, and at one with your body. You might hit that button to book your session after a little Dutch courage and then arrive feeling nervous, but trust me those nerves will all melt away as we work together to create the perfect shots for you. Before we get started with the camera we’re going to have a really frank discussion about which parts of your body you love and which you aren’t so keen on, I’m then going to help you with poses that will showcase all of those areas that you want to highlight and show off.

We’ll take it slow to begin with and work with poses that suit the natural beauty of your body and as you relax, we can get a little more adventurous.

Before the day of the shoot, we can talk about what to bring along, how to pick great outfits and jewellery, and the kind of ‘look’ that you want to create. Some basics to bring along for your Bridal Boudoir shoot include:

  • Your veil
  • Your wedding night lingerie
  • Your garter, if you have one.
  • Some high heels – the higher the better (don’t worry, you won’t be doing much walking in them).
  • Stockings.
  • Any jewellery you have and want to include.

We can talk about what to bring in more detail at our pre-shoot consultation; you want to have a few options with you, but I also don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by it all. Remember this is a magical experience and I want you to enjoy it.

the gift of a bridal boudoir shoot

Who is this a gift for?

Most women initially come to me for a Bridal Boudoir shoot because they want to create something stunning for their husbands to be. But usually by the time the shoot is over, and they leave, they have realised it is the best gift they could have ever given THEMSELVES. If that realisation doesn’t happen during the session, then it usually hits home when we look through all of the gorgeous pictures and pick exactly the right ones to go in an album or have printed out.

At this stage most women start to see what their partners saw all along – absolute beauty! Sometimes it is for the very first time that women see themselves this way, they fall in love with the images we have captured, and ultimately with themselves. I guarantee that you will walk away from this shoot having gained confidence and self-esteem.

A boudoir shoot is not just about taking pretty pictures whilst wearing pretty underwear, in fact it’s not really about that at all. Boudoir photography is all about self-love, self-confidence, and feeling sexy. But it is also about creating stylish, elegant, classy images, and memories that will last a lifetime.

At a time when you are on the threshold of making a lifelong commitment to someone else, why not seize the opportunity and also make a lifelong commitment to yourself; a commitment to love and honour yourself. What better way than by booking in for your shoot. What are you waiting for? Set aside those nerves and have some courage, you will not regret it, not even for a moment. I look forward to working with you very soon.