Neon Dreams: Illuminate Your Boudoir Experience with the Neon Bonus Set

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Neon Dreams: Illuminate Your Boudoir Experience with the Neon Bonus Set Today's blog entry is all about adding a splash of colour and a burst of energy to your boudoir experience. Brace yourselves as we dive into the illuminated world of the Neon Bonus Set – a vibrant, neon pink dream that's guaranteed to elevate your creative photoshoot to a whole new level. First things first – this set is not your everyday boudoir offering. The Neon Bonus Set is an exclusive, pre-payment bonus, ensuring that it's a special treat reserved for those ready to take their boudoir journey up a notch. Trust me; this[...]

Exploration of you

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Exploration of YOU So, you're thinking about diving into the world of boudoir photography? Be prepared, because it's not just a photoshoot; it's a full-on exploration of you, in all your fabulous glory. Let's chat about why a boudoir session is like your personal style playground. Picture this – a photoshoot where you call the shots, especially when it comes to what you wear. Whether you're feeling the sexy lace lingerie vibe, kinky leather bodysuits, or a mix of everything in between, it's all about showcasing your style and feeling incredible while doing it. Ever thought about basking in the glow[...]

Why a Boudoir Photoshoot will be a Memorable Experience

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Why a Boudoir Photoshoot will be a Memorable Experience Dive into the world of boudoir, where every image is a memory etched in time, telling a story of self-discovery, empowerment, and the unique journey you're on right now. It's more than 'pretty pictures', a boudoir photoshoot is like capturing a little piece of your soul – a keepsake that reflects where you are and the incredible person you've become. Okay, so "life-changing" might sound a tad dramatic, but ask anyone who's been through it – it's a big deal! Boudoir is a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and newfound confidence. It's a visual celebration of your[...]

Overcoming Insecurities Through Boudoir

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Overcoming Insecurities Through Boudoir In a world where insecurities often weave themselves into the fabric of our self-perception, Social media has a huge part to play in this which is why I am so grateful to offer the experience that I do. A boudoir photoshoot emerges as a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-love. Let's dive into the transformative journey of overcoming insecurities, embracing strengths, and rewriting the narrative of how we see ourselves. For many, a boudoir photoshoot becomes more than standing in front of the camera; it's a transformative experience that helps overcome insecurities and reshape body image. The process encourages a shift[...]

Unleash the Red-Hot Passion: Dive into the Bondage Bonus Set

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Unleash the Red-Hot Passion: Dive into the Bondage Bonus Set Welcome, adventurous souls! If you're ready to turn up the heat and explore the spicy side of boudoir, you're in for a treat. Let's talk about the exclusive Bondage Bonus Set, a tantalizing experience that's all about embracing your sensuality in a rich, red, and oh-so-spicy aesthetic. First things first – this set isn't your average boudoir offering. The Bondage Bonus Set is an exclusive, pre-payment bonus theme, meaning it's the golden ticket to unlocking an extra layer of passion in your photoshoot. Intrigued? You should be! Picture this: a room[...]

Your Bucket List Boudoir Experience

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Your Bucket List Boudoir Experience Ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot? You know, it's that idea that's been hanging around on your bucket list, quietly waiting for the right moment to happen. Well, guess what? The moment is now. The start of the year always brings about a sense of 'getting things done' and really trying to find the time to make your dreams happen. "A boudoir shoot is something that has always been in the back of my mind and on my bucket list, but I didn't know when or how to make it happen." You'd be[...]

White Sheets Boudoir Photoshoot

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White Sheets Boudoir Photoshoot Are you ready to get into the sheets with me? In this post, I'm excited to share one of my top picks for your next intimate photoshoot: white sheet boudoir photos! This is not only one of my personal favourites, but it's also a popular choice among my clients. In fact, these photos often receive the most compliments in my exclusive VIP Facebook Group. So why not join our community of empowered women today and be inspired? If you're aiming for a natural and timeless feel in your boudoir images, a simple white sheet can work wonders. With nothing else but[...]

Embracing Self-Love in 2024: A Journey Beyond the Scale

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Embracing Self-Love in 2024: A Journey Beyond the Scale Can we talk about the New Year and that inevitable resolution to shed some pounds? I get it, it's a thing – a bit of a fad, actually. The pressure to look a certain way is everywhere, from the shows we binge-watch to the ads flooding our social media. But let's hit pause and dig a little deeper, shall we? So, here's the scoop: I've been pondering the whole New Year, new body mantra, and it's left me feeling a bit sad. Why? Because it seems like the biggest desire for change revolves around our bodies.[...]

Why Every Woman Should Consider a Boudoir Photoshoot

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Why Every Woman Should Consider a Boudoir Photoshoot In a world that often bombards us with unrealistic beauty standards, it's vital to find ways to celebrate and embrace our own unique beauty and confidence. One incredible way to achieve this is through a boudoir photoshoot. At Sarah Rachel Boudoir in Leicestershire, we're passionate about empowering women and helping them discover their inner radiance. Here's why you should seriously consider stepping out of your comfort zone for a boudoir photoshoot experience like no other. Embrace Your Authentic Self Life is a journey of self-discovery and embracing who you truly are. A boudoir photoshoot is an opportunity[...]

Unveiling Confidence: Miss P’s Boudoir Interview

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Unveiling Confidence: Miss P's Boudoir Interview You know, sometimes, the most beautiful stories begin with a simple "hello" and an internet connection. That's exactly how Miss P's incredible journey into the world of boudoir photography began. After being online pals for a while, Miss P finally mustered up the courage to take a plunge into the world of self-love and empowerment through a boudoir photoshoot. Curious about her friends' experiences, she decided it was time to give it a whirl herself. In this candid interview, we're diving deep into Miss P's world to discover what this empowering experience meant to her. So, let's jump right in and get to know Miss P a whole lot better.[...]

Our First Annual Purge Photoshoot

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Our First Annual Purge Photoshoot What a night! Our first annual Purge-themed photoshoot in Leicester City Centre was an absolute blast, and I can't wait to spill the gory details on all the fun we had. As the clock struck on that eerie night, our motley crew of sinister characters gathered in their creepiest costumes, makeup, and masks. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, and the crisp autumn air added to the anticipation. We were all set to bring the world of "The Purge" to life, and boy, did we nail it! The evening kicked off with a bang – literally![...]

Meet Miss R: From Boudoir Community Cheerleader to Confident Model

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Meet Miss R: From Boudoir Community Cheerleader to Confident Model Miss R has been a super active member in our boudoir Facebook gang for a while, always the one to cheer on our awesome ladies. Well, guess what? She decided to dive into her own boudoir shoot, and it all came from reading others' stories and checking out their spicy photos that gave her the push she needed. So, stick around to hear more about her fantastic boudoir adventure! What is your occupation: Full time parent Name three things that you always carry with you? Phone, keys, bobble [...]

Miss H’s Boudoir Adventure: Rediscovering Her Sexy Side

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Miss H's Boudoir Adventure: Rediscovering Her Sexy Side Miss H's boudoir journey is all about embracing her sexy self and having a blast along the way. She reached out to me to dive into the world of luxury boudoir photography, and boy, did she shine! In our chat, she spills the beans on how this experience has lit a fire in her, helping her reconnect with her seductive side and fall in love with herself all over again. What is your occupation: Store assistant How would your best friend describe you? Crazy and kind Name three[...]

3 Reasons To Experience Boudoir

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3 Reasons To Experience Boudoir Boudoir photography is a unique and personal experience that can be incredibly empowering for women of all ages and sizes. Whether you're doing it for yourself or as a gift for someone special, boudoir photography is an opportunity to explore your sensuality and learn to love yourself just the way you are. Self-Love One of the biggest reasons to experience boudoir photography is for the self-love aspect. When you're in front of the camera, you're forced to confront your own insecurities and learn to love yourself, flaws and all. Boudoir photography is a great way to build confidence and learn[...]

From Hype Woman to Boudoir Babe: Miss G’s Inspiring Journey

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From Hype Woman to Boudoir Babe: Miss G's Inspiring Journey I'm thrilled to introduce Miss G, a long-standing member of our Facebook community. This year, after years of being the ultimate hype woman for others, she finally decided to experience the magic of a boudoir shoot herself. And let me tell you, her journey was nothing short of incredible. Today, I invite you to dive into Miss G's own words as she shares her thoughts, feelings, and revelations from her boudoir experience. Trust me, it's a story you won't want to miss! Click below to read her interview and be inspired! What is your occupation: Support Worker.[...]

Boudoir Spotlight: Miss C’s Journey to Empowerment

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Boudoir Spotlight: Miss C's Journey to Empowerment I am truly grateful for the precious moments I've shared with Miss C this year. It's evident that she's fully embraced the allure of boudoir photography, having participated in not one, but two incredible photoshoots in March and June as well as a mystical group shoot. Join us in this blog interview as she candidly shares her inspiring journey and experiences. Keep reading to learn more. What is your occupation: Full time mum How would your best friend describe you? A Fighter Name three things that you always carry[...]

Boudoir as a Gift

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Boudoir as a Gift Are you thinking about treating yourself to a boudoir session? Perhaps as a surprise gift for your significant other? It's a wildly popular idea and sounds fantastic... in theory, right? ;) I totally get it; the notion of gifting sexy boudoir images to your partner is all about reminding them just how smokin' hot you are (let's be real, we're keeping it honest here, LOL). But before you dive headfirst into booking with the sole intention of creating a steamy gift, I've got some thoughts to share – and I promise I'm not trying to rain on your parade. I just[...]

Miss C’s Journey to Embrace Her Post-Partum Body

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Miss C's Journey to Embrace Her Post-Partum Body Miss C hopped into our ladies-only Facebook group in February, and by May, she was all in for an empowering boudoir shoot with yours truly. Just 3 months post-baby, she was on a mission to rediscover love for her fabulous, post-partum body. Now, let's hear her spill the beans… Keep reading! What is your occupation: Collections Advisor How would your best friend describe you? Loyal, strong and beautiful Name three things that you always carry with you? Phone, keys, and bobbles [...]

Mystical Halloween Inspired Group Photoshoot

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Mystical Halloween Inspired Group Photoshoot As a boudoir photographer based right here in the heart of Leicester, I must confess there's nothing I adore more than empowering women through photography.But hey, why stop at empowerment when you can add a dash of fantasy into the mix? And what better time to embrace all things mystical than Halloween? So, with my trusty brand ambassadors by my side, we embarked on a spooky and laughter-filled adventure deep into the heart of the woods. The goal? To capture some sexy yet fantastically eerie images that will leave you spellbound. Hold on to your broomsticks, guys, because this was[...]

5 Common Fears About Boudoir Photography and How to Overcome Them

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5 Common Fears About Boudoir Photography and How to Overcome Them Hey, gorgeous! Are you thinking about booking a boudoir photoshoot but feeling a bit hesitant? Don't worry, you're not alone. It's totally normal to have fears and insecurities when it comes to boudoir photography. But guess what? You can overcome them! In this blog post, I'm going to address the 5 most common fears about boudoir photography and give you some tips on how to overcome them like the badass you are. Fear of Being Judged - Let's start with the most common fear of all: the fear of being judged. I get it,[...]

Why Boudoir Photography

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Why Boudoir Photography I've got a little secret to share with you today that might just blow your mind. Did you know that boudoir photography, featuring women in their most intimate spaces, has been a thing for almost a century? Yes, you heard it right! This captivating art form has been around since before the days of instant film development, digital cameras, and even before women had the right to vote. Can you believe it? Well, you better babe, because it's true! Now, I won't bore you with a history lesson, but let me tell you something exciting. Women have been confidently posing for the[...]

Navigating Social Stigma: Tips for Overcoming Shame and Embracing Boudoir Photography

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Navigating Social Stigma: Tips for Overcoming Shame and Embracing Boudoir Photography Hey, gorgeous! Are you ready to embrace your sensual side and celebrate your body? Well, I'm here to tell you that boudoir photography can help you do just that. But I know that social stigma and shame can make it difficult to feel confident and empowered in front of the camera. So, let's talk about navigating those obstacles and embracing the beauty of boudoir photography. First and foremost, it's important to recognise that there is nothing shameful about boudoir photography. It's not something that's reserved only for models or celebrities. It's for anyone who[...]

What to do if you get your period

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What To Do If You Get Your Period Hey there! So, you've got a boudoir photo shoot scheduled and you're beyond excited. But then it hits you – your period is due to start soon. Talk about terrible timing! Don't worry, this scenario has happened to more of my clients than I can count. And while it can be a little disappointing to get your period right before your session, it shouldn't stop you from having an amazing boudoir experience! In fact, I've got some advice for you on what to do if you get your period right before your boudoir photo session. Should you reschedule your boudoir photo shoot if you're[...]

Pre-Payment Plans for your Luxury Artwork

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Pre-Payment Plans for Products Are you interested in booking a luxury boudoir photography session but worried about the cost? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our mandatory in-house pre-payment plans are a great option to make it easy and affordable for you to book your dream boudoir shoot. First things first, let's talk about the benefits of pre-paying. Not only does it secure your session date and time, but we can also plan specific images based on the products you are wanting. Not to mention that you can also earn bonuses by pre-paying. That's right, you'll receive free products or bonus set add ons when[...]

Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

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Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas Are you looking for some sizzling boudoir outfit ideas to bring out your inner goddess and boost your self esteem? Well, look no further, because I've got you covered with the top 10 boudoir outfit ideas that will make you feel confident, sexy, and unstoppable. Lacy Lingerie: Lacy lingerie is a classic boudoir outfit that never goes out of style. Whether you go for a bra and panty set or a teddy, lacy lingerie will add a touch of elegance and sensuality to your boudoir shoot. Choose a colour that complements your skin tone and a style that flatters your body shape. [...]

Boudoir Interview with Miss N

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Boudoir Interview with 'Miss N' Let me tell you about the two things that make my heart sing in my job: boudoir shoots and meeting amazing ladies like you! There's nothing quite like capturing stunning photos that make you feel like the queen that you are. And meeting new people is always fun, especially when we click right from the start! Speaking of fabulous ladies, let me tell you about 'Miss N'. We hit it off right from the get-go and our time together was an absolute blast. We were laughing and chatting up a storm, and the hours just flew by! But enough from me, I'll let 'Miss N' spill the tea on all the[...]

Why I Love Dark and Moody Boudoir Photos

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Why I Love Dark and Moody Boudoir Photos Hello beautiful people! Today we’re talking about one of my favourite boudoir photography styles - the dark and moody boudoir! I know, I know - when you think of boudoir photography, your mind immediately goes to soft, romantic images. But trust me, there’s something about dark and moody photos that just hits differently. So, why do I love this style so much? Let me break it down for you: Dark and moody boudoir photos are sexier! There’s just something about the way shadows and dark lighting create a sense of mystery and seduction. It’s like a whole[...]

Boudoir Photoshoot Interview with Miss G

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Boudoir Photoshoot Interview with 'Miss G' You know when you meet someone for the first time and you instantly get that vibe that you just 'get' each other. Well, that was what is was like when Miss G walked into the studio for her boudoir photoshoot. We were so aligned on so many levels that was just crazy, and ultimately resulted in the most beautiful boudoir photos for her to treasure forever. Keep scrolling for the interview... What is your occupation: Salon Owner How would your best friend describe you? Brave, crazy, beautiful Name three things[...]

How to pose for your boudoir photoshoot

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How to pose for your boudoir photoshoot If you're feeling nervous about your upcoming boudoir photoshoot, don't worry - you are not alone! It is 100% natural, and for most, it is completely outside of their comfort zone.  Many of my clients come to me with similar questions and concerns, such as "What are some good boudoir poses for my body shape?" or "Where can I learn poses before my photoshoot?" But the truth is, you don't have to know how to pose at all! As a boudoir photographer, it's my job to guide you through the process and help you feel comfortable and confident[...]

Luxury Boudoir Experience with Miss H

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Interview with 'Miss H' on her Luxury Boudoir Experience Miss H first reached out to me as she wanted to take the next step in her self love journey and felt like having a luxury boudoir photoshoot would be the final step into fully embracing her fabulousness. She says "Everyone's bloody beautiful and fabulous and my god am I now fully aware of my own fabulousness, it's quite literally the first thing I say when I meet new people now, hey I'm *miss h*, I'm fabulous, you'll love me haha!" I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Miss H recently and I have witnessed firsthand her true magnetic power. Want to hear what else she had to[...]

International Women’s Day 2023

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International Women's Day 2023 It's almost time for International Women's Day 2023! It's a day to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of women throughout history and to continue pushing for gender equality. And what better way to celebrate than with a little bit of self-love? That's right, ladies, it's time to treat yourself to a boudoir experience and revel in your own beauty and strength. For those of you who are new to the concept, a boudoir experience is essentially a photo shoot that focuses on capturing your inner goddess. You'll work with a professional photographer who will help you choose outfits and poses that make[...]

Boudoir Interview with ‘Miss S’

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My Interview with 'Miss S' on her Boudoir Session Oh my gosh! I am not sure where to start with this amazing human. From the moment we first met we were chatting away and I can honestly say  I learnt so much from her. One of my favourite parts of my job is getting to meet so many beautiful ladies and Miss S was no exception. I'll let you get to know her a little better... What is your occupation: Health Care Assistant How would your best friend describe you? Reliable Name three things that you[...]

Inclusive Boudoir Lingerie Collection by Tu

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New Inclusive Boudoir Lingerie Collection by Tu Sainsbury's clothing brand Tu has unveiled a new collection of size-inclusive lingerie inspired by 1920s and 1930s Parisian boudoirs and I am totally here for it! This is going to have a huge impact on my clients as a boudoir photographer. I know firsthand how difficult some of my ladies find sourcing lingerie that is catered to their size but that also is more decorative and this movement is going to really elevate so many women's confidence! I'm excited! The whole collection is modelled by TV presenter, DJ and Tu brand ambassador Ashley James. The collection features[...]

Interview with Miss B on her Leicestershire Boudoir Photoshoot

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Interview with 'Miss B' on her Leicestershire Boudoir Experience Typically when booking a session with Sarah Rachel Boudoir , we have several weeks to plan and prepare for your session. But sometimes, we have last-minute openings in our schedules that we want to fill with some boudie goodness! Miss B’s boudoir session was one like this, and even though it all happened so quickly, I am SO EXCITED to share the amazingness and beauty that we captured. What is your occupation: Senior CRE Assistant How would your best friend describe you? Loud, crazy and caring. Name three[...]

Interview with ‘Miss M’ on her Leicester Boudoir Photoshoot

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Interview with 'Miss M' on her Leicester Boudoir Photoshoot Today you get the pleasure of being introduced to this beautiful soul! I had spoken to 'Miss M' a couple of times before she jumped in and booked her Leicester Boudoir Photoshoot with me, and whew, what a woman! From the moment we met, I could tell that she was a force to be reckoned with! It's so refreshing to see someone who knows exactly what they want in life and is not afraid to get it. Anyway, without further ado, I will let 'Miss M' tell you all about her empowering experience with me... What is your occupation:[...]

Full Client Boudoir Gallery

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Full Client Boudoir Gallery Have you been wondering what a full session gallery looks like? When we do your in person viewing session on the same day as your Leicester boudoir photoshoot, you’ll see around 50 images (but usually more because I can never narrow it down that much!). The viewing session is my favourite part. I love seeing everyone’s reactions to their images! So here’s what that many images looks like. It’s a lot of full on gorgeousness! We get a lot of great images in up to four different outfits during your session! And the majority of these outfits are from the client wardrobe.  So here’s 'Miss R' rocking a full gallery[...]

Interview with ‘Miss P’ on her Empowering Boudoir Photoshoot

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Interview with 'Miss P' on her Empowering Boudoir Photoshoot There’s something really special when you can give someone the confidence and boost that they are always giving to others. Miss P is an active member of my private ladies only VIP Facebook group and is always hyping my Boudie Babes when they share their boudoir photos. This time was her time to shine and she did not disappoint! Read on for her thoughts on her Empowering Boudoir Photoshoot. What is your occupation: Full time mum How would your best friend describe you? Caring Name three things[...]

Interview with ‘Miss D’ on her Confidence Boosting Photoshoot

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Interview with 'Miss D' on her Confidence Boosting Photoshoot There's two things I love most about my job. The first is being able to give ladies a fantastic confidence boosting photoshoot experience, and the second is getting to meet the most fabulous ladies! Miss D and I hit it off straight away and our time together went super fast with all the laughing and chatting. I'm going to let her tell you about our time together so scroll down for all the deets... What is your occupation: Office worker How would your best friend describe you? Hard working and enthusiastic. [...]

Choosing outfits for a boudoir photoshoot.

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You’ve taken the plunge, and in a moment of courage you have booked in for your luxury boudoir photoshoot. Now though, you are starting to think about all of the practical sides to the shoot, like what on earth do you wear? Clothing, and especially lingerie, is a deeply personal thing. We all have different shapes and colours that we like or dislike, types of outfits that make us feel comfortable and confident and then there are definitely outfits that can make you feel the exact opposite. The perfect outfit for your luxury boudoir photoshoot is something that makes you feel[...]

Don’t let fear hold you back

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Miss B's Full Review of the Sarah Rachel Boudoir Experience From the moment that I booked my session I knew that it would be incredible, actually I knew before I even got to the booking stage that it would be a day to remember. You see I follow Sarah on social media, I love her Instagram feed, the pictures from her shoots always look so amazing. Whilst I didn’t think I would come away with the kind of images she was sharing of other women I knew that I would still get something special. I’m also in Sarah’s Facebook group which is such a fun and supportive place to[...]

Interview with Miss A on her Leicester Boudoir Photoshoot

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I'm always so honoured when my clients come back for their second, third or fourth shoot with me. I first photographed Miss A back in 2019 when she booked a shoot as a wedding gift to her now husband, and up to now she's had three photoshoots with me. Its safe to say she's definitely caught the boudoir bug! Read on as I interview Miss A about her leicester boudoir photoshoot experience with me… What is your occupation: Product Developer How would your best friend describe you? Reserved until you know me Name three things that you[...]

Magic’s in the Makeup

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Magic's in the Makeup We all know that magic is in makeup.  As an artist myself, photographer of course, I know that it's not just good makeup that matters, but the application and artistry behind the brush that is so very important. I know that one of the things that many of my clients worry about on the run up to their boudoir shoot is their makeup. They worry that it won’t look good enough, or it won’t stay on for the full day or that they will pick shades that clash or don’t compliment the style of the photos. I completely understand where that worry comes from, but when you are already nervous about[...]

Product Spotlight: Mobile App

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Product Spotlight: Mobile App Ok, so by now you should have read about; Luxury Albums, Heirloom Glass Print Boxes, and the popular Boudie Videos all in our Product in the Spotlight blog series. These have been written to help you learn more about what products are perfect for preserving images from your luxurious boudoir experience. This one showcases the Mobile App. Perhaps you're still not sure that a boudoir session is for you...if that's the case, read this post here, it'll help, promise!)  SPOTLIGHT PRODUCT: MOBILE APP WHAT IS IT: A mobile album app is essentially a personal/to-go version of your image collection. It is an[...]

Maternity Boudoir in Leicestershire

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Maternity Boudoir in Leicestershire ‘Can I have a boudoir photoshoot if I am pregnant?’ Oh my god, YES, you absolutely can, and in my opinion you totally should. ‘Won’t it be a bit weird though?’ To be honest all boudoir photoshoots can feel a bit weird to begin with, it’s like nothing you have done before, but once you start to relax you will have the best time ever. ‘I thought boudoir photoshoots were all about being sexy though, and I don’t really feel sexy right now.’ Trust me girl, you are incredibly sexy and your body is doing something amazing. ‘I have no clothes that fit me at the minute, let alone matching[...]

Interview with ‘Miss R’ on her Luxury Boudoir Photoshoot

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Interview with 'Miss R' on her Luxury Boudoir Photoshoot One of  my favourite parts of a boudoir shoot is getting to see what treasures are hiding inside your suitcase when you arrive. I always encourage you to bring everything, even if it may feel a little out of your comfort zone before you arrive. My clients are always so amazed at how quickly they relax into it all though, and by the end, happy to give anything a whirl. And Miss R's experience was no different. One of my favourite pieces that she bought was a gorgeous red mesh two piece set with a garter belt... you'll soon see why. Dayummmm! [...]

Can a luxury boudoir photoshoot help you take back control?

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Can a luxury boudoir photoshoot help you take back control? Have you ever been in a position where you had lost complete control over your life? Where that has been forcibly taken from you? Every single day women suffer at the hands of not only strangers but also their own loved ones. In fact it is estimated that one in three women will be subjected to sexual violence during their lifetime and one in four women will suffer from domestic abuse. With such staggering statistics it is no wonder that so many of us can feel lost, alone, scared and vulnerable. As I look around my friendship group I wonder who amongst us could be one of those statistics, how[...]

Interview with Miss J

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Interview with 'Miss J' on her Leicestershire Boudoir Experience Don’t you just love it when Social Media introduces you to the most awesome humans? Well today, let me pay it forward and introduce you to the wonderful Miss J, who fell into my life after a local google search! Having recently shot together at my in-home studio, it is my absolute pleasure to bring these images to the blog today as I interview Miss J about her shoot experience… What is your occupation: Soon to be student How would your best friend describe you? Colourful and caring [...]

Miss W’s Boudoir Experience

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Miss W's Boudoir Experience Have you wondered what it actually means to invest in your own boudoir experience? Miss W shares how her life has changed since having her leicestershire boudoir photoshoot with me. How has your life changed since your session?  I feel so much more confident in myself, I feel sexy and a total bad bitch! What was your favourite part of the entire experience? My favourite parts were the hair and makeup, it was so nice to be pampered, helped me get more relaxed before the actual shoot. Then seeing the final images at the end was amazing, I just couldn’t[...]

Take your Boudoir Shoot on the Road

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Take your boudoir shoot on the road Have you ever thought about what it would be like not only to get those incredible boudoir style photographs but to take your shoot on the road and do it outdoors? Now, I know what you are thinking, boudoir, by its very name, implies that it should be done in the bedroom, and whilst traditionally that might be the case, it isn’t the only option. Yes, boudoir comes from the term for a woman’s private sitting room or bedroom but when it comes to a boudoir photoshoot what we are looking to do is capture the essence of what could be happening in that private[...]

Loving the skin you’re in

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Loving the skin you're in Each and every one of us are blessed with the fact that we are unique. We look different, we sound different, we experience things differently and we think differently. What one person loves, another may hate and vice versa. These differences help to make us all interesting and help to make the world an exciting place. I’ve always thought that if everyone was the same, then life would be pretty dull and boring. I also get that you may see your own differences too. Too this, or too that, or maybe not enough of something, we have all felt that way at some point. But let me[...]


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10 boudoir lingerie brands for a fuller bust Were you blessed with melons? Ok, yes, I know that is not the most political way to talk about those ladies who have a larger bust and it might not be your word of choice to describe your boobs but let’s keep things fun and light-hearted for a minute. There are lots of different words used to describe the female bust, from melons, to jugs, to bazookas, to pillows, to jubblies, and so many more. Being endowed with large breasts can be a blessing and a curse, and like so many other things in life we often end up wanting the opposite to what we actually have. Remember though your body is[...]

Product Spotlight: Boudie Video

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Product Spotlight: Boudie Video Yay! It's that time again! Time for another Product in the Spotlight! I’ve written this blog series to help give you an idea of the products you want before your session and today's entry is all about the Boudie Video. Knowing exactly which products or collection you want gives you the chance to brainstorm the perfect shots leading up to your shoot. Thinking you want an Heirloom Glass Print Box of your favourite images to sit on your bedside table and a discreet Signature Album to grace your bookshelf? Having made that decision already, I’ll be able to put time aside during your session to nail those shots! What better,[...]

Two Birds, One Stone

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Two Birds, One Stone Kill two birds, with one stone. I’m sure you have heard the saying before, but what does it mean? It’s about making the best of an opportunity; it’s about not letting things go to waste and it’s about thinking outside the box so that you can get more, without it costing more. It’s about solving more than one problem at a time, performing an activity that gives you multiple rewards and benefits. But how can you apply that to your Boudoir shoot? How can you benefit in more than one way?   Simple, turn your boudoir shoot into your date night. No, I’m not talking about something kinky[...]

Investing in Yourself

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Investing in Yourself If you have found this post, the chances are that you’ve either booked your Luxury Boudoir Experience or you’re about to get it locked in. Either way, I can’t wait to get you into the studio and sing praises about how bomb you are. I’m going to lay out the basics for you here about investing in yourself. Let me preface this by saying YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are not just getting pictures. Whew, I’m glad that is out of the way. Although it may be one of the bigger reasons why you booked this experience, it’s not the only thing you’re getting. Booking a session with Sarah[...]

Product Spotlight: Heirloom Glass Print Box

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Product Spotlight: Heirloom Glass Print Box Ok, so you finished step one, (aka contacting me to get the experience of a lifetime booked in) and you've read through everything BUT you're still not sure what product or collection you think you'll want to preserve your images from your amazing boudoir experience. Well, don’t fret sexy lady, I’m here to help! This is my second post in the Product in the Spotlight Series. This series will help give you an idea of what you want before we even do your session! How awesome would it be to know exactly what shot you want to put on your wall? That's something we can brainstorm[...]

The Gift of a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

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The Gift of a Bridal Boudoir Shoot Any boudoir shoot should be a magical experience, one that leaves you feeling sexy, empowered, and beautiful; but the gift of a bridal boudoir shoot takes that to a whole new level. It is my role, and my absolute pleasure, to give you this magical and transformative experience. I understand how women work, I know what hang-ups you might have, I know why you might be feeling nervous or that your body isn’t good enough for this; I know because I have felt that way myself. So, take comfort in the fact that I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. [...]

Product Spotlight: Luxury Albums

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Product Spotlight: Luxury Albums Your boudoir session is truly a powerful and transformative experience that will produce stunning art that you will want to cherish for years to come. This means that you will want to find the perfect products for what your priorities are and how you envision preserving your images. Are you wanting to display an anonymous shot in your bathroom or maybe a power pose over your bed? Do you prefer loose prints to display or maybe the opportunity to tell a story in an album? To help you answer these questions, I’ve decided to dedicate a series of blog posts to specific products so you can learn more[...]

Tips for at Home Self-Care and Self-Love

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Tips for at Home Self-Care and Self-Love So apparently self-care and self-love are all the rage right now, they have become the current buzz words, but I’ve known for a long time that they should be high on the priority list for each and every one of us. I also know that time and cost can feel like obstacles that we cannot overcome and so we focus our energy in other areas of life, work life, home life, family life etc, and we neglect ourselves.   But what if self-love and self-care could be things that we don’t have to invest lots of money in? What if they were things that didn’t need to[...]

Anonymous Boudoir Photos

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Anonymous Boudoir Photos Have you always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but have concerns about being recognised in your photos? Sit down and get comfy, because today’s topic is all about anonymous boudoir photos. I’m here to help you fulfil your boudoir dreams whilst working around your concerns! First and foremost, let’s talk about CONSENT. Whoever you choose to share your boudoir images with, be that with the world, a significant other, a lover, or just for your eyes only, it’s important to me that you have full control over your images and if/when they are shared. My default consent status setting for all[...]

International Women’s Day 2021

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International Women's Day 2021 || Choose to Challenge The Importance of International Women’s Day Do you get involved in International Women’s Day? Have you even heard about it before and what it stands for? With so many national and internal days now, it can be easy to get lost in them all, there is even a ‘national shower with a friend day’! I mean, if that’s what floats your boat then go for it, but let’s keep it serious for a minute and explore what International Women’s Day is all about. A brief history International Women’s Day has a history that stretches back over 100[...]

Boudoir is for EVERY body!

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Boudoir is for EVERY body Your butt is not too big, your boobs are not too small – these are common misconceptions, purely the voice of your own self-doubt trying to hold you back and keep you from expressing yourself. I know what you’re thinking as most of my clients have told me they’ve had exactly the same thoughts! A boudoir shoot with a talented and experienced photographer sounds incredible, and would be a great way to pamper yourself, but you just don’t have the right body for it. Am I right? Is that what is running through your mind? You have way too much[...]

Outdoor Boudoir || Miss R’s Experience

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Outdoor Boudoir || Miss R's Experience This year I had big plans of a body positive group photoshoot to take place in the sunflower field.... But unfortunately covid had other ideas and it had to go on the back-burner. But solo shoots did not, so I decided to run a model call to at least photograph one women amongst the gorgeous sunflowers. Anupa held her hand up and agreed to roll with my crazy ideas. Here she tells us of her experience... Model shoot anyone?! Sarah opened up a model call and with all of the work I am doing around positive body image, I couldn’t say no![...]

Outdoor Boudoir On Location – Leicestershire

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Boudoir on Location - Leicestershire || Miss S's Experience I was just about to write a paragraph for this post and Miss S had just emailed me her boudoir survey. I will let her speak from her own experience! Why did you choose Sarah Rachel Boudoir?  I had done a couple of virtual boudoir shoots over lockdown with Sarah so I felt comfortable and safe with her. Were you nervous about anything going into the session? No, I was excited! I was nervous when we got to the park and I had to get undressed but after a while I warmed up to it and it[...]

Couples Beach Boudoir

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Couples Beach Boudoir || Testimonial There's something very special about sharing your unique story as a couple. It’s learning to be vulnerable and embrace the deeper connection that you may not always share with the outside world. This is an experience that will provide you with self-love and confidence in your skin, while also giving you an opportunity to take your relationship to the next level by spicing it up with some sexy photos of the two of you! This LGBTQ Couples Beach Boudoir Photoshoot was a dream to photograph and we had so much fun! Read on to hear what Miss I had to say about their couples beach boudoir session... [...]

Leicester Maternity Boudoir | Miss T’s Experience

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Leicester Maternity Boudoir || Miss T's Experience Being pregnant isn't always the best feeling. You ache everywhere. You feel large and in charge. Heartburn like crazy. You get to a point where you can't touch your toes. Skin stretches, and change is inevitable. Don't even get me started on the mental struggle during pregnancy. The rush of hormones make for sleepless nights of feeling restless and sometimes crazy!! It's all worth it. Our bodies are amazing!! Seriously, could this mum-to-be look any more gorgeous? Maternity sessions are one of my favorites!! Pregnant women have a unique beauty about them and I love being able to capture this wonder of motherhood for them[...]

Walking the walk – Virtual Boudoir Photoshoot

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Walking the Walk || Virtual Boudoir Those of you who know me personally will understand how much I dislike being in front of the camera, but I’m getting much better at it.  I’m making a conscious decision to exist more in photos. To document myself and my body at different periods in life. Every month I can look at a photo and notice something different about my appearance and it’s not something that’s ever going to stay the same.  Documenting your journey through life is so Important no matter where you are along it. Life IS a journey and you shouldn’t wait around for when you “reach” a certain goal to document[...]

Boudie-Cam Virtual Boudoir Photoshoot

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Boudie-Cam Virtual Boudoir Photoshoot Hey friends! How is your self-isolation going? Are you fed up of Netflix and chilling? House tidier than the Royal Palace? Ready to try something new? This past week I've been trialling something pretty cool that I'm ready to share with you guys. Cue Boudie-Cam Photoshoots. What are those you may ask?! Well, Im here to tell you. They are virtual boudoir photoshoots under quarantine restrictions via online video chat, so no germs! They take place in your own home or garden and are a chance to give yourself a little self love boost and have some fun in these uncertain times. Quarantine definitely doesn't have to be boring and[...]

Prepping for your boudoir shoot

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Prepping For Your Boudoir Shoot || Boudoir Photos Leicester Your Boudoir shoot is very likely a once in a lifetime experience or in the least a rare treat, so there are several things you want to do in order to prepare for your session. These tips will guarantee that the days leading up to and during your photo shoot will be much less stressful, and will result in a beautiful set of photos. FIVE DAYS BEFORE If you wax, do so a few days before your shoot to avoid any bumps or redness. Make sure your eyebrows are nicely groomed. Be sure your fingers[...]

Candlelight Boudoir Photoshoot

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Candlelight Boudoir Photoshoot Hey friends! Happy Monday.  I wanted to share a recent session with you that I am kind of obsessed with. I'll be honest, the lighting situation with this candlelight boudoir photoshoot was a little tricky.  I don't use studio lighting. It's just not my jam. I am a natural light girl all the way. My prime hours of shooting in studio (depending on the time of year) is typically between the hours of 10am - 4pm.  But sometimes it good to break out of your comfort zone and create something different, which was exactly what I did when I arranged this creative[...]

5 Boudoir Poses to try on your next shoot

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5 BOUDOIR POSES TO TRY ON YOUR NEXT  SHOOT || Finest Boudoir Leicestershire “I’m not a model, can you help me with my boudoir poses?” This is probably the most frequently asked question in my emails, and the answer is a very confident YES. I’m always happy to help clients with poses, regardless of whether you are new to modelling or a seasoned professional. We’ll use a selection of my favourite boudoir poses as inspiration, but I’m always secretly working with your natural body movements and in between poses to make the shoot unique to you. There’s something so powerful in body language that when you do something naturally that looks incredible, I’ll shout ‘freeze!’[...]

Miss O’s Boudoir Experience

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Miss O’s Boudoir Experience || Luxury Boudoir Leicester Sarah of Sarah Rachel Boudoir is a body positive empowering photographer. Specialising in reminding every woman she is beautiful. Read below as Miss O shares about her own boudoir experience! I chose Sarah Rachel Boudoir because I hadn't been feeling myself for a long while, my confidence in myself was getting worse everyday and seeing women being so empowered gave me hope that you could do the same for me.  When the bridal model call came it was perfect as saving for a wedding has meant things have been tight of recent months. I was quite nervous that I wouldn't be right for a[...]

Everything you ever wanted to know about a boudoir session

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Everything you ever wanted to know about a Boudoir Experience || Leicestershire's Best Boudoir Photography "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE SEXY" No worries! Me neither!! I do however spend every waking moment learning how to shoot boudoir. I literally specialise in this field so that my clients, who have never been in front of a camera before, can still get this amazing experience. I'm here to truly explain what my boudoir experiences are like, so read on! Lets start at the beginning. I have a portfolio you guys. And in my portfolio are everyday women who have never had boudoir photos taken before. They[...]

5 non – lingerie outfits to try on your next shoot

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5 NON-LINGERIE BOUDOIR OUTFITS TO TRY ON YOUR NEXT SHOOT Lingerie not your thing? Looking for alternative ideas for your boudoir photo shoot? Sit down and make yourself comfy, because this blog post is packed full of ideas to help you find non-lingerie boudoir outfits as unique as you are… A Statement Dress. You know what looks good in the boudoir? A completely over the top statement dress! Head to toe sequins, sheer panelling, epic thigh splits… If the dress demands attention, bring it to your boudoir shoot. You don’t have to spend a fortune on dresses like this either – check out your local charity shops and even eBay for some[...]

Channeling your inner body confidence

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Channeling Your Inner Body Confidence || Premium Boudoir Photography As I tell all my boudoir clients, our inner dialogue is so important for body confidence. It’s very unlikely that we’d standby and listen to a friend talk negatively about themselves; so, why do we do it internally to ourselves? The sexiest thing you can bring to a boudoir shoot is inner body confidence, so here are my top tips on how to channel that power, not just in front of the camera but in your everyday life too… Reflect Outwards: First off, it’s time to become BFF's with your reflection. Instead of looking in the[...]

Nudity during a session || Empowering boudoir photography

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Nudity during a session || Empowering boudoir photography Nudity! It’s how you came into this world. It’s your natural form. It’s how you take a shower or a bath. It’s your body underneath all your clothes. And it is most definitely an “outfit” option for a session. I get it, it can be an absolutely terrifying thought! But let me ease your mind a bit if it’s something you might be interested in. Over 80% of my ladies end up getting nakey for the last part of the session and it truly is a liberating experience. Read on for how to have an empowering boudoir session with nudity. [...]

Shop-able lingerie inspiration board

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Shop-able Inspiration Guide|| Lingerie Shopping for lingerie can be incredibly daunting. So I’ve curated this list of some of my and my clients absolute favourite Amazon lingerie buys to include highly rated lingerie that you’ll love…that WON’T break the bank! Who doesn't love a good PRIME delivery, hey?! Have fun shopping, and stay tuned because I will keep this updated as I buy and try new pieces! [...]

5 fun facts about your boudoir photographer

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Fun facts about your photographer || Leicestershire Boudoir Hey, I get it! When your planning on getting nakey in front of someone, it's only fair that you know a bit about them too, which is why I've put together this post containing 5 fun facts about me (the girl with the camera)! If I could live anywhere, it’d be in a camper van travelling the world. One day i’ll make it happen, but for now we'll just spend the holidays exploring new places. I've had the privilege of visiting some amazing places so far including; Italy, Budapest, Cuba, Belgium, Vietnam and New York. [...]

Leicestershire outdoor boudoir

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Leicestershire Outdoor Boudoir Shelly and I had a blast during her Leicestershire outdoor boudoir session recently. I have a soft spot for outdoor boudoir photography, it's different, unique, and using the elements of outdoors is always something I strive for, probably because my heart will always be meant for the water.  We woke with the birds for this gorgeous steamy sunrise shoot. The day was perfect and quite a change from the rainy days we’ve been having lately. It must have been fate!  At 6:30 the area by the stream was pretty quiet which was perfect for baring all, although we did keep a very watchful eye out for passing dog walkers. Shelly was[...]

The gift of boudoir photography

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The Gift of Boudoir Photography || Midlands Female Boudoir Photographer When it comes to presents, I’m a huge believer in giving experiences as gifts. From spa days and afternoon tea to stand up comics and flights to not-so-distant lands, there’s something so special about creating those unique moments in life that just can’t be replicated by objects. The kind of moments that become stories and memories. Stories that get passed down to younger generations, eagerly listening to all the mischief their grandparents got up to when they were your age. And you know what goes really well with those epic memories? Pictures to prove that it happened! [...]

International Women’s Day 2019 || Balance for Better

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International Women's Day || Balance for Better BALANCE FOR BETTER. The official slogan for this years International Women's Day campaign - ‘a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.’ This year I thought I’d make a list of some ideas on how we can celebrate; today and every day. A couple of the fiercest women I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Thank the women in your life who have supported you; tell them how you’re thankful for them, what they’ve done for you,[...]

Payment plans for all the sexy goods || Leicestershire boudoir

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Payment Plans For ALL The Sexy Goods || Leicestershire Boudoir Luxury boudoir is the best money you’ll spend on yourself. Guys get things like golf clubs and tools. Boringgggg! But what do you ever get for yourself? I know that for some ladies, the financial investment can take more consideration than for others. This experience is truly for every woman despite her level of income. My payment plan methods are designed to make luxury boudoir as accessible as possible to as many women as I can! First, I want to say: you are worth this investment. Yes. I’m talking to you. The woman reading[...]

10 reasons to book a boudoir session today

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Have you always wanted to do a boudoir session, but you’re nervous about being photographed in your underwear by a stranger? Perhaps you’re waiting until you’ve lost/gained a few more pounds? Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that boudoir sessions are only for women in their twenties and you’re too old, or not pretty enough, or it would be selfish to spend that amount of money on yourself. Does any/all of this sound familiar? Whatever your reason for putting it off, here’s ten reasons why you SHOULD book a boudoir session today… 1. You are enough, Right now. Right now! I’ve photographed women of all ages, shapes and sizes and they all have[...]

An empowering experience and a fabulous friendship

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An empowering experience and a fabulous friendship || Empowering Boudoir Photographer - Leicester It's so easy as a photographer to hide behind the camera - something I've done for many years. Last year I made a conscious decision to exist in more photos, volunteering myself to be in front of the camera as much as possible; including my own boudoir shoot!  A few months ago I met Nicole online (not in a creepy way ;)) in a Facebook photography group specifically for boudoir photographers and we hit it off instantly and a fabulous friendship has blossomed!! There aren't many of us awesome boudoir photographers around that are willing to help each other grow and share tips and tricks with,[...]

What should I wear for a boudoir shoot?

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Boudoir Photographer Leicester || What should I wear for a boudoir shoot? One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is what they should wear to a boudoir shoot – which isn’t too surprising as for many of us a boudoir shoot goes beyond the realms of our day to day lingerie drawer! If you’ve got a shoot coming up, sit back, relax and have a read of my top tips below for inspiration and help planning your outfit – and don’t forget, when you book you can will get your free copy of my more detailed lingerie guide. A great outfit has to have great foundations, so[...]

What the hell is SELF LOVE?? || Leicestershire Boudoir Photographer

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So, if you didn't already know, I'm a firm believer in practicing self-love and I speak about it a LOT! Heres a little insight into what it actually means... Self-love is the regard for one’s own happiness and well being. That means making sure that your own needs are being met, in a reasonable timeframe. Easy enough to define, right? Waaaaaay harder to implement! This is especially true if you’re a wife, mum, and/or kick-ass business woman. Let’s be honest, our ‘free time’ is basically non-existent and it’s so much easier to put the needs of literally everyone else first. So what’s a girl to do? How do you decide to stop and think of yourself first? [...]

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